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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The secrets in their eyes

I know this supposed to be a blog about fashion....but movie and music are also a big part of my life. I just love this movie so much. I am so glad it's finally showing here. The movie won Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards, it's well deserved. The storytelling might be very old schooled, but the script and the actings are just priceless.

It's been a long time since I saw a movie that made me kept guessing what's going to happen next. There was a particular scene at the end that actually made me lean forward at my seat sitting in the theatre because I really wanted to see what was hiding behind the bars. That scene gave me that movement which I havn't had for a long time. Also, when the female lead said goodbye to the male lead at the train station, she had tears in her eyes. The male lead also was sad but held it back. And at the last scene of the movie, 20 years later, he came to her and this time, he's the one who had tears in his eyes, and the female lead had this smile which words can't discribe how much have these two characters been going through, with the door closing, I was liked, "WOW", it was very touching and bittersweet indeed. I loved it.

The supporting cast was wonderful. The alcholic best friend, the victim's husband, the rapist, they all did a great job. I am not familiar with Argentina at all. However, this movie gives you a very well perspective view on what's going on in the 70s and the 90s. The realistic and natural atmosphere gave this movie a boost. I highly recommand this movie to everyone. The runtime is a little over two hours. If you watch the DVD at home, be sure to be patient and focus on what's going on in the movie, it does take some time to build up the climax. I hope you guys will check this movie out.

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