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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gareth Pugh Store Opening Day

Top - Random Bangle.
Tank Top - No Brand from Traffic, Los Angeles.
Leggings - American Apparel.
Shoes - Rick Owens.
Headpiece - An Ordinary Day by Rachel Richardson.
Clutch - Leonello Borghi.

I received an invitation from I.T for the Gareth Pugh Store grand opening event. As always, I didn't take any pics from the event haha (sorry guys, I just never bring my camera out, and never take pics from my mobile phone, also, I don't use an iphone, so well, this is who I am. I just love to keep the memory in my head). Gareth Pugh was a really nice person. I can't believe his first ever store would actually opened in Hong Kong. I didn't wear any his pieces today ha. I bought two tops a year ago and I couldn't find them. And the other pieces that I have were fall items, way too hot to wear. I ain't no celebrities. I can't handle wearing winter outfits in a summer time. The leggings that I's already killing me.... Anyway, I survived ha.

In order to show some respects to Gareth, I styled this outfit which I think fits his style nicely.

P.S (I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE WEARING RICK OWENS WEDGES EVER IN MY LIFE. I saw at least more than 10 people (guy and girls) were wearing all kinds of Rick Owens Wedges, so hot, I love it!!!!! Man, I rarely go out, I really need to see the crowd more. We do have interesting people in the Hong Kong fashion scene. I just need to discover them, so I don't feel so alone hahaha.......)

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Top - Orschel-Read.
Vintage Shorts.
Mountain Hat - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - World's End Vivienne Westwood.

Here is the top that created by Stefan Orschel-Read. Please check out his website. He does amazing menswear which is so unique and original. Stefan created this digital print espeically for me, thank you so much. Wonder why the sleeves can stick out so nicely?

These are the special canvas structures that I wore underneath. Even the prints of these amazing structures are speically designed by Stefan, so amazing yeah?

Monday, July 26, 2010


Top - Andrea Crews.
Shorts - Horace.
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood.
Clutch - Corto Moltedo.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hat - CA4LA.
Vintage Top.
Shorts - Starstyling.
Shoes - Camper X Bernhard Willhelm.
Vintage Clutch.

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Mountain Hats!!!

My 4 new mountain hats are sitting in World's End now, hahahaha so happy!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so so much Lise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
These 4 hats are all one of a kind, yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

100th Post!!!

Headpiece - Victoria Grant.
Ruffles Shirt - Electric Voodoo by Siri.
Shorts - Illionsire.
Shoes - Givenchy.

Wow, time flies, this is my 100th post!!!!! I really hope this blog will keep going and most importantly, keep getting better!!!!

To all the people who visited my blog before, thank you all so much. Please keep supporting my blog. May the best is yet to come. I love you all. Thank you.

love always,

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Old Time Again and Again!!!

Insect Cape - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood.

Special thanks to World's End for saving this cape for me, it's simply amazing, can't wait for the fall again! I am so sick of summer time haha. This pic was taken again in December 2009.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Old Times Again!!!

First Pic:
Tiger Alien Coat - World's End Vivienne Westwood.

Second Pic:
Clutch - Vivienne Westwood.

That tiger print Alien Coat is my all time favorite one!!! Thank you World's End!!! I wore these outfits in December 2009.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vivienne Westwood Old Times!!!

First Pic:
Green Metallic Alien Jacket - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Belt - Acne.
Leggings - Brian Litchenberg.
Shoes - YSL.

Second Pic:
Jacket/Cape - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - YSL.

These pics were taken in December 2009. I was wearing a lot of Vivienne Westwood pieces around that time. I just want to share with you guys. Since I started this blog on March, I hope you guys could me old pics. Thank you for coming to my blog. More to come...

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Top - Vivienne Westwood.
Shorts - Dress 33.
Shoes - Mihara Yasuhiro.
Vintage Clutch.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Studio 805

Whole outfit - Studio 805.
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood.
Vintage Clutches.
Vintage Headpiece.

Today is my best friend Zion's birthday, I wore this outfit to go to his birthday dinner. Happy Birthday Zion. My other friend Daniel, today is his birthday as well, Happy Birthday Daniel.

Studio 805 is based in London. I love his clothings so much. Thanks to Machine-A, so I could be able to get this piece. I ordered a few more pieces, waiting for them to be delivered. I can't wait to show you guys the pieces!

I got the vintage headpiece in Japan. Isn't it so amazing? I love it so much. And it was cheap too. At first, I really think the headpiece is like a Middle East airline uniform hat, but oh well, I really love it so much, so I don't care lol. My friend called me an Arabic prince when she saw me tonight hahahahahhahahahahaha...................................


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