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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Mountain Hat - Vivienne Westwood (World's End).
Tank top - My baby got me at the Faint's concert, great band.
Shirt - BLACK Comme des Garcons.
Skirt - BLACK Comme des Garcons.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood (World's End).

Finally got my first mountain hat from World's End, special thanks to Lise. Life goes on. I am no body. I am just a person who likes to buy clothes and style them on my own. This is my blog to share my pics and honesty with the rest of the world. Some people will always appreciate the way I dress; some people will always hate the way I dress. All points are taken. And I will always be who I am and stay true to myself.

Individuality forever.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Top - Complex Geometries.
Shorts - American Apparel.
Clutch - Balenciaga.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Dries van Noten.

This is the first time I go to Beijing. It is a whole different feeling than Hong Kong and Shanghai. I just love the northern people more. China is still China. The locals are just kinda rude. But so far, the people in Beijing are generously nice and sweet. Will be home on Wednesday. By the way, this is the third time I posted pics of me being outdoor lol.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Top - KTZ.
Shorts - Raf Simons.
Bag - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Top - Roberto Piqueras.
Pants - KTZ.
Shoes - Kris Van Assche.

P.S I DO NOT SMOKE, it's just for the photos haha.

Monday, May 17, 2010


So Ms Katie Eary told me to take down the post. Fine, I will do so just to show respect. But I am gonna tell the whole story out. I sent her money on late October 2009 to purchse some of her clothings. Then, she sent me some of the pieces that I have ordered few weeks later which was a very reasonable time. Afterwards, time went by, and I just havn't remind her when would she send me the rest of the orders (which worlth 2,060 pounds). So I finally sent her emails around Jan and Feb, then I got no replys. Finally, I decided to send her a message on facebook which I hope she wouldn't miss my emails anymore. Then I got a reply saying everything is ready to ship out. A month later, still hadn't heard anything from her, so I sent her a message again on facebook. Then she finally replied me (both emails and on facebook), sending me a pic of the pieces that I purchased (to show me all pieces are ready and yet she wasn't lying). And told me she would send them to me at the end of the week (late April).

And on last Sunday, I finally couldn't take it anymore(8 MONTHS LATER, A DIOR/CHANNEL COUTURE DRESS PROBABLY WOULD THAE THIS LONG TO MAKE, not yours Katie Eary), and left a comment on her facebook saying, "I wonder if you would ever sent me my orders because you are having an event which selling your pieces started at 15 pounds, should I say is this a bad karma happening to you? Please let me know if you would send my orders or I would like a refund, thanks" And less than 24 hours, she deleted me on her facebook. (Which she told me she's afraid I would write something more.) My parents always tell me, if you don't do anything wrong, there is nothing to be afraid of what other people may say about you, and I always believe in that. And I paid 2,060 pounds for 3 pieces which were from the last fall collection. And now she's selling her pieces starting at 15 pounds, can anyone understand how I feel?

So on Monday, she sent me a message on facebook.

Katie Eary May 17 at 5:42pm Report


I have no internet at the moment! i have just RUN to the cafe, yesterday there was nothing i could do, i was selling shit for cheap and only had my phone, I had to delete you as i was petrified you would write something else!!!


if you check the news you will see the vocanoe has fucked up everything here over here! in fact its started again!!!

I have lost the slip with the tracking number so have no idea where the stuff is, iv got my assistants clearing the shelves to find the slip!!!!!!!!!!

The volcano has been on and off for over a month now, im sorry, i should have replied to you a lot earlier to have let you know that id sent it, i just got really busy, but felt calm in the sense i knew it was on its way.

And guess what, my dear friends.....SHE SENT THE ITEMS ON MONDAY, so don't tell me you sent it long time ago and should've told me a lot earlier that you'd sent the stuff, what A LIAR. And how do I know that? Because 10 minutes ago, she sent me a message on facebook:

Katie Eary May 18 at 8:05pm Report

Tracking number- 412 9714 256. DHL

To all the fashion people, please be aware of a London based designer named Katie Eary. She is a liar. This is my first post that I won't post a pic because she really pisses me off. She is an unprofessional, disrespectful, and irresponsible person. DO NOT BUY HER CLOTHES.

So yes, I took the post down. And thank you Ms Katie Eary for finding the tracking number finally, how sweet of you, thanks to all your assistants who helped you cleared all the shelves and found the tracking no which you SENT the item yesterday on Monday (RIGHT AFTER I LEFT THE COMMENT ON YOUR PAGE ON SUNDAY) This proofs that when I left you that comment, you DIDN'T send my clothes yet.

Funny thing is I still bought her red rope show piece from Machine-A few weeks ago even I knew she still owes me 2,060 pounds worlth of clothings. I guess I am just very soft-hearted. I always think Katie is such a talented designer, it is so rare nowadays to have a young female designer who does MEN collection only. (Well, not till later, I found out she does womenswear also because it says on her event which selling all her pieces starting at 15 POUNDS........).

Since you had the guts to tell me to take the post down and I respect you for that, so here it goes, the post is down, but the REAL story will live forever.

P.S I can swear on my entire family's lives (including my own life of course) that this story is 100% true and happened to me, thanks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Jacket - KTZ.
Top - American Apparel.
Shorts - Raf Simons.
Clutch - Vintage (from Voodoolist Eyes).
Shoes - Zucca.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Top, shorts, and glasses - American Apparel.
Shoes and clutch - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoulder pads - Creature de Keis Gestalt.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Ricardo Tisci is so amazing! He casts a Transsexual model for his new ad, the girl on the right is the transsexual model. She looks great!


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