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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Z.I.A.D 7

Circle Top - Maiden Britain by Ziad Ghanem.
All others - Vivienne Westwood.

So this is my 7th post paying tribute to Ziad Ghanem. All I can say is Ziad Ghanem is beyond amazing. People call him the "cult-couture" guy. However, I disagree with it. I don't think he belongs to anywhere, he is one unique amazing indiviual person, no one ever should put a "label" on him. Especailly, nowadays, so many new designers charge their clothings way too high and the quality is just not at that price level at all. Charging the clothes in high price doesn't mean they belong in high fashion, take that bitches.

Ziad does private orders for special people. He always maintain low/limit production, that's what makes his clothes so speical. His clothes are truly couture. And with Maiden Britain, his ready-to-wear line, the detailings are just impeccable. I never knew street fashion could be so "couture" haha, I am just very grateful to own some of his clothings. Ziad Ghanem and the Haus of Ghanem, you guys ROCK!

Ziad Ghanem is casting for his next show in Septemeber. Please check out the link below to see the details. Many thanks.

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