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Thursday, September 23, 2010

London Trip Day 7 (Final Day)

I am in the Heathrow Airport now. It's been an amazing trip. The last show that I went was Orschel-Read. It was so nice to finally meet Stefan in person. He actually put my name as one of the sponsors on the invitation. That's very nice of him. He made these two amazing trousers for me, and put the money into his fashion show, therefore, my name is on the invitation. Aren't these trousers so AMAZING???? I love them so much!!!! And I had to take pics of them immediately. When I finally wear them out one day, I will style them way better than this time I promise ha. Stefan's new collection is very wearable yet with luxury fabrics. The style of this collection is very different than the trousers that he made for me. However, he is specific with his craftmanship, and there are quite a few suits in his new collection, they all look amazing. I hope more men will purchase his pieces. Congradulations!!



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