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Friday, September 17, 2010

London Trip Day 1

Black puffy cape - Bless.
Arm warmers - Starstyling.
Belt - Acne.
Men dress - Raf Simons.
Leggings - American Apparel.
Shoes - Dress 33.
Head accessories - Ann Demeulemeester.
Clutch - Balenciaga.
White Vintage Cape.

I just want to laugh haha because the list of my items is so long today hahahaha....well gotta dress nice for London ^_^!!
I finally went to World's End this afternoon, woo hoo..... It was so nice to meet Lise in real for the very first time. It was so surreal haha. And I finally found the big orb necklace, very happy indeed. I didn't know only World's End carries that specific one, hot! More days to come, I hope everyone in the world is always happy.


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  2. Jason, who are you??? Lise told me about you when I was there!!!!! Can you email me your phone number, may be we can hang out??? I am here by myself till thursday....let's meet up!!! Email add is



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