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Monday, September 20, 2010

London Trip Day 4 (Ziad Ghanem's Presentation)

I just got home from Ziad Ghanem's presentation. Once again, he surprised me with his amazing new collection. The colors and prints are just brilliant. I always love doing oil paintings and I tend to use a lot of different colors. Watching Ziad's film and all those amazing prints and colors, I could totally see my oil paintings on the pieces, bravo!!! Thank you for always inspiring me with your amazing work, Ziad!!!

I just love Capricons. I don't have any Capricon friends in Hong Kong. However, when I meet one, it's just amazing. Capricons are so intuitive. I was the first one who arrived to the presentation. And of course standing at the front of the line. Then when Ziad came out and said hi, I immedaitely wanted to tell him I am really sorry for not wearing any of your pieces tonight. It is because I really don't want to put Ziad's clothings inside the suitcase. They are all so special and delicate. Before I even said it out, Ziad half jokingly said he felt so sad because I wasn't wearing any of his pieces... forgive me darling.

The film was so powerful, I really did enjoy it a lot. Congradulations Ziad!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the link to the film of Ziad Ghanem's new collection, "Mother Russia"

Ruffles Outerwear - Balmung.
Black Top - Roberto Piqueras.
Vintage Shorts.
Socks - Chic Appeal.
Shoes - Alfredo Bannister.
Crown Headpiece - Victoria Grant.
Net Headpiece - No brand name.

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