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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Radio Interview!

Dear all,

I mentioned on my Happy New Year post saying that I would have a new experience, and it happened today. I just had my first radio interview! It was a great experience. The host, Beach Chow(鄒凱光), is one of my favorite DJs in the world. He is a director, screen writer, actor, and DJ, amazing right? When he asked me to be his guest on his show, "Link Up"(沙漠中的海灘), I was so surprised and said yes immediately (The story is cute, all I can say is thanks to Pedro Almodovar, my favorite director of all time ^_^). 

Back to Beach, he has another radio show from Monday to Friday, 10p.m to 1a.m on FM 90.3. I always listen to that show when I am driving back home after having dinner with friends. The show is about the interaction between the hosts and the callers. Beach always gives amazing comments and suggestions to the callers, and after listening to the show for almost two years, I have to say I really like the way he thinks. He is a very wise man. We really need more open minded people like him in this world seriously.

Therefore, when he asked me to be on his show, you could imagine how weird the feeling was to me. Of course I was so excited, however, I got really nervous as well. I don't know how you guys feel, but think about it, when you listen to the same radio show for a long time, especially only that 20mins drive going home, you feel like the host is there with you at that moment, so imagine you finally meet the host in person and having a talk with him, how weird is that haha?

I am just very very grateful about this experience. Beach was very kind to me. I thought I would be very nervous and couldn't talk much. As I tend to become very quiet in front of the people that I don't know. However, he was very respectful and made me felt very comfortable. The interview went smoothly. Thank you so so much again to Beach for this great experience.

"Link Up"(沙漠中的海灘) is a radio show about the host, Beach, who interviews people from different kinds of fields. The subject matter is mostly about the cultural and art scene of Hong Kong. Therefore, you can imagine how honored I am to be interviewed by Beach on this amazing show. The interview will air on this Sunday, Jan 8th, 11a.m - 1p.m, on FM 90.3, Hong Kong. (I will update you guys if anything changes come up.)

Love always,


  1. Actually I am listening to that interview now and motivated to have a random visit to your blog. Joey, once I saw your photos, though I am not a fashionista, I really thought you are gorgeous! Never feel self-conscious because of the others'views, portray a real self by listening to the sincere roar from your heart.

  2. I am listening the program. Agree what you said and love your styling. Support you! Be yourself!

  3. I love vivienne westwood and 80s movies too!
    And you are so amazing:D



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