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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My first home-made video and new post on ASVOF is up!

Dear all,

New post on ASVOF is up!

Also, I've decided to make a video for you guys, hope you guys will like it. I am sorry for the sound quality, this is the first time that I make a video. And I know nothing about how to edit a video. So I just learned it through internet, so please bare with me. I know I don't write much. It is because I want to use my photos to tell a story. I want to stimulate your brains by images. And I am actually quite shy in person, so it takes me a lot of courage to make this video. I really make it just for you guys, thank you so much again for visiting my blog.

Love always,


  1. I only recently found your blog, and I already find you very inspiring and cool ! :D
    Loved the video, love your blog !

  2. haha, you're wonderful, Joey! we should work together in the future, I think it would be amazing :)

  3. Thank you guys so much!!!! And yes Sean, let's work together in the future hehe!!!



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