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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Joey Ma's favorite looks for 2011!

Dear all,

Today is Jan 1st, 2012. I want to share with you guys of some of my favorite looks in 2011. I hope 2012 will bring happiness and good health to everyone.

Favorite look of January, 2011:

Favorite look of February, 2011:

Favorite looks of March, 2011:

Favorite looks of April, 2011:

Favorite look of May, 2011:

Favorite looks of June, 2011:

Favorite look of July:

Favorite looks of August, 2011:

Favorite look of September, 2011:

Favorite looks of October, 2011:

Favorite looks of November, 2011:

Favorite look of December, 2011:

Love always,

1 comment:

  1. Your style is fabulous Joey, always very fashionable and really new male, if all men would dare to dress like you, the world would be better off and much more pleasant. I do love your style, continue please!



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