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Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am on STIL magazine, Sweden.

Dear All,

I am having a very bad cold right now, non stop having running nose for the last two days, and my nose is all red and even peeling a little bit (I've used two tissue boxes already, it's just wasting too much paper, so I am using some old tees now for my running nose). But guess what, my dear friend Andre just sent me these photos from Sweden, woohoo! Thank you so much to Andre and Ryann, I miss you two a lot. Thank you for the photos. But I want to thank you guys the most for thinking of me. It definitely cheers me up a lot. I really hope I can get better before Sunday.

Here is the link for STIL Magazine:

It seems they are a super cool magazine, thank you for featuring me! I have no idea when I answered those questions before though haha.

Love always,

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