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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Church's X Cutler and Gross Day!

Shirt - Vivienne Westwood.
Men Skirt - Comme des Garçons.
Shorts - H&M.
Shoes - Church's.
Vintage Chanel Bag.
Sunglasses - Cutler and Gross.

Dear all,

How are you guys doing? Hope you are all well. Did you notice I wore the sunglasses when I was indoor, and didn't wear them when I was outdoor??? How silly I am hahaha because I hadn't purchase them yet when I took the photos haha. I love these Cutler and Gross sunglasses so much!
And these are my first pair of Church's shoes! I love them so much as well! They are the cheapest pair among the Church's collection in Lane Crawford IFC, go get them now! Oh, and my vintage Chanel bag, so cute too! So these three items are my latest purchase within the last few days.

Love always,

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