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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I am on Ketchup, Face Magazine!

Dear All,

Many thanks to Philip, who wants me to be featured in his column for Ketchup, Face Magazine. Philip is the owner/designer for his label, Ground-Zero along with his brother, Eric. This is the first time I actually style someone with my own clothes. Philip wants me to style him in my own clothes, so I come up with this gothic/punk idea. I always love his eyes, without any eyeliners, his eyes are still so strong and powerful. When I was thinking how to dress him, I thought about his eyes, then I was liked, oh my, I really needed to dress him as a little gothic/punk prince but with a twist of wearing a skirt haha. If you know Philip in person, his style is very simple, clean-cut, and minimalism. But I knew he could put this look off for sure with his handsome face and good body structure. I am so happy with the result woohoo!

And the world really needs more open minded heterosexual people like Philip seriously!!!!!!!!!

Love always,

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