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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I heart DoDo Cheng 鄭裕玲 so much!

Dear all,

Thank you all so much for your loves and supports. Kawaii TV just showed on J2 TVB few days ago, and I've been receiving many lovely messages, I just want to say a big thank you to you all. Actually I rarely watch Hong Kong TV, so I had no idea it was showing in Hong Kong finally haha. And I want to share this video with the people that just found out about me in Hong Kong. This is the proudest moment in my life so far regarding to being a blogger. Time flies, this happened almost a year ago already.

DoDo Cheng is a legendary celebrity in Hong Kong. And she hasn't done a fashion photo shoot probably in at least 15 years. I am just very very grateful that she would do this photo shoot with me. That's why I am always so grateful to be alive, you never know what's going to happen to you. Everyday is a brand new day. I am forever thankful to DoDo who has been treating me so kind. I really feel like the luckiest person in the world for her to say yes to this photo shoot. She is my favorite actress, tv host, and DJ in Hong Kong. A lot of people don't understand and even attack the way I dress. Therefore, to have DoDo to appreciate my style and let me style her, this gives me so much courage and just let me keep on going and believing in myself. Thank you so much DoDo.



DoDo給大家的印象是很正經和嚴謹。但我從來都覺得她很有幽默感的。因為我很愛看她做的喜劇,“賭霸", "表姐,妳好嘢!","神奇兩女俠“等,都是我非常欣賞的電影。她是一位很有才華的好演員,正劇和喜劇都演得很棒。但我希望大家不要再問她拍不拍劇了,她是不會再拍電視劇。可能有一天會再拍電影或舞台劇吧,哈!

現在每個禮拜星期一到星期五下午四點到六點都可以在電台聽到DoDo的聲音。“囗水多過浪花“是我最喜歡的電台節目。DoDo, Donald, Jim, 他們三個的默契越來越好,常常讓我笑得肚子痛,哈哈!請大家一定要收聽這個節目,你們會更愛DoDo的!一位很可愛和很敬業的女生,DoDo, 謝謝妳出現在我平凡的人生上,讓我變得更堅强去過我想過的生活。再一次感謝妳。

Love always,

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  1. I learnt about you from Kawaii TV Feb , first think its a bit crazy style. but i want to know more and go to ur blog. after see your styling for Dodo. i really think you have some kind of special talent. You let us see another face of Dodo. i dont know how to express, but really a goodjob. she is pretty n special with your styling. Add oil



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