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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Lunch at One Thirty One!

Headpiece - Daydream Nation.
Leather Cape - EGR.
Vintage Payama Top.
Leggings - Sadak.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Underground.
Sunglasses - ASOS.
Clutch - Vivienne Westwood.

Dear all,

I took these photos at one of my favorite restaurants in Hong Kong, One Thirty One. This was actually my first time to go there during daytime, the view was just breathtaking. I am surrounded by my three beloved Cancers. And I am wearing Sadak, Underground, EGR, and Vivienne Westwood, all my favorite brands! What a great pajama theme birthday lunch! Love you all so much!

I rarely wear sunglasses because of my giant head, it's very hard to find a pair that fits me. And you guys know the way I dress is very outrageous, if I wear sunglasses, I think it's just too bitchy hahaha.

Once again, thank you all so much for your loves and supports. I am forever grateful about it.

這次的照片是在一間我很喜歡的餐廳One Thirty One那裏拍的。我的好朋友幫我在那裏慶祝生曰,而且主題是"Hangover" 哈哈!所以我穿了一件二手的睡衣和戴了大陽眼鏡!其實我的頭非常大,所以很難買得到合的,而且我覺得做人一定要有自知之明,我穿衣服已經非常誇張,如果在戴上太陽眼鏡,好像真的太賤了,嘩哈哈!謝謝你們一直以來的支持和愛護,很感恩,我愛你們。

Love always,

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