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Thursday, August 2, 2012

ME! X JOEY MA is out! #16 A Wise Man!

Dear All,

My first time on the radio show as a guest was invited by this amazing wise man, Matt Chow. I am so glad he said yes when I asked him to be my guest model for my column on ME! I've been back to Hong Kong for 3 years now. And if I go out have dinner with friends during the week, when I drive home after dinner, I catch up with Matt's radio show everytime (Mon-Fri 10p.m - 1a.m on FM 90.3).The whole story is on this post:

Matt is a wise man. If there are more straight guys like him in this world who is just so open minded and just being so acceptance with all kinds of things, I am sure the world will have less discrimination and more peace.

I hope you guys will like the styling. I want to give Matt a more playful and colorful look.

Love always,

P.S Tomorrow August 4th is Matt's birthday, so I want to say happy birthday to this wise man, also, I am just so happy that he was born. Matt, I hope you are always stay healthy and be happy!

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