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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

World's End Vivienne Westwood, double hats day ha!

Hats - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Cut Holes Denim Shirt - William Richard Green.
Top - Vivienne Westwood.
Men Kilt - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Jeans - April 77.
Shoes - YSL.

I got my Vivienne Westwood top from . Please go support them. Their facebook account is here.!/pages/GarmentQuarter/121125691241542


  1. I could be wrong but do you happen to work at a boutique? Also, love your outfits so much, good to see someone doing something different. You should have alot more readers than this. I swear.

  2. So do I Kimberley, I post his blog on my "Lorraine Goetsch" Facebook so I hope you both will join my Facebook after checking it out.

    Equality in Fashions



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