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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 movies that I must watch in this year (Only if I am still living in LA haha)

I want to take this post to express how much I love some good arthouse movies. If I am still living in Los Angeles, I would have already watched these 10 movies. Every year starting around October, there will be tones of great arthouse movies coming out for the award seasons. I really hope they all will be showing in Hong Kong sometimes next year.

1, The Kids Are All Right.
    This movie came out during summer time in the states. The whole concept is just brilliant. It is about a lesbian couple who has two children. And of course with a twist of the "bio-dad" shows up. I personally really love Mark Ruffalo and Julianne Moore, and of course Annette Bening is a great actress, therefore, I can't wait to watch this movie.

2, 127 Hours
    Danny Boyle directed one of my all time favorite movie "Trainspotting". And with James Franco, I can't wait to watch this movie. 95% screen time of this movie would only be with one actor, Jame Franco.......I just can't wait to see how Danny Boyle makes this such hard subject into an amazing film.

3, Black Swan
    Director Darren Aronofsky's last movie was "The Wrestler", and I just loved the performance of Mickey Rourke so much. I can't wait to see how much he pushed Natalie Portman in this very dark role. Plus, I love Mila Kunis ever since That 70's Show haha. I heard she is a scene stealer in this movie, I can't wait!!!

4, Blue Valentine
    Ever since watched the trailer of this movie, I just non-stop thinking about this movie. The trailer totally gives me the feeling of watching "Once". And so far the critics have been raving about this movie, thank goodness for that!!! Ryan Gosling and Muchelle Williams are the actors of my generation. And they have been making some good movies for the last few years, I hope they can keep choosing good roles in the future.

5, Biutiful
    The first reason for me to watch this film is because of Javier Bardem. He is one of my favorite actors of all time. I loved him in "Before Night Falls". And when he won the Academy Awards for "No Country for Old Men", I was screaming at home!!! Just felt so happy for him!!
    The second reason for me to watch this film is because of the director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. He directed "Amores Perros", made me fell in love with Gael Garcia Bernal. That movie was so amazing!! And it gave him the chance to direct some hollywood movies such as "21 Grams" and "Babel". All of his movies are so intense and sad. And Javier Bardem was so brilliant in "21 Grams" as well.
    I hope some people in Hong Kong bought the right to show this movie already.....

6, Rabbit Hole.
    Rabbit Hole was an awarding winning play. And Nicole Kidman bought the right of this play and made it into a about Nicole Kidman....I totally gave up on her ever since "The Hours". She's been making very bad movies for the last 6, 7 years. Even "Cold Mountain", her performance was terrible. "Bewitched", "Nine", "Australia", "The Stepford Wives", "Fur"...... her performances were horrible. She was so great in "To Die For", "Moulin Rouge". "The Others", "The Hours".... I was liked, damn, too much botox, she can't move her face anymore....
    And you know what, Rabbit Hole proves that I was wrong. Just by the trailer of this movie, I already got choked seems this movie will be very sad and depressing....but I love disturbing drama, and critics have been raving about this movie, so hopefully I can watch this movie soon.

7, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.
    I absolutely love Joan Rivers. I just can't wait to watch this documentary, the end.

8, City Island.
    This movie came out in March. And not too many people have watched this movie. It is about a family who all lie to each other.... no one knows the truth about one and other, but they are a FAMILY. How interesting, I have to go get the DVD because I am pretty sure this movie won't show in Hong Kong.

9, Nowhere Boy.
   This movie is inspired by John Lennon. I love the Beatles period in the UK.

10, The King's Speech.
      I am saving the best one at the last hahahaha. I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS FILM. First of all, I LOVE COLIN FIRTH SO MUCH. I don't know why, I just love this man. He is such a great actor. And he ages so well. Last year, he got nominated for "A Single Man", may be this year, he can win an Academy Award finally!!! Secondly, I love Geoffery Rush. His performance in "Shine".... I will just never forget that. Thirdly, I love Helena Bonham Carter. It's been so long since she's in a serious drama role. No more those Tim Burton movies roles for this talented actress! And you know what, all three of them just won the British Independant Film Awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Supporting Actress, YEAH YEAH YEAH!! And the movie itself won THE BEST PICTURE as well!!! I just can't wait to watch this one!!!

I hope this post won't bore you guys too much. As much as I love fashion, I need to take some time to express my other passion, arthouse movies. If you live in the states or the UK, please go check out these movies alright? They need more people to support them.

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