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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Top - Plotz.
Shorts - Raf Simons.
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood (World's End).
Headpiece - Piers Atkinson.

Wow, I finally recieve this piece from Plotz. Singchin Lo is the designer of Plotz. He specificaly made this piece to me, thanks a lot. Please check out his website He makes very wearbale yet with amazing details clothings for women. Very elegant indeed. The piece that I am wearing is just a fun/creative project for him. I love that fact that he is so versatile. Besides, he is from Hong Kong. I just gotta show my love to the local HK fashion designers. Thank you Sing.

As my headpiece, I bought it in my favorite shop in London - Machine A. Thank you so much Paul. I am not there in London, but with your amazing eye and help, so I could be able to have the chance to get this unique piece.

I am just so greatful to all the people that I've met in my life, thank you all very much.

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