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Sunday, June 6, 2010


Top - Vivienne Westwood (Limited edition "Prince Charming" square tee from World's End).
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Oversized Cowboy Hat - Vivienne Westwood (World's End).
Shoes - Alexander McQueen.

This is a brand new hat from World's End. It is called Oversized Cowboy hat, isn't it so amazing? It comes with Neon Oranger, brown, and black, total 3 colors. IT IS SO BIG haha, I love it, so funny, even with my big head, the hat is still huge! Go get it while you can!

I got these boots the night that I found out Alexander McQueen has been passed away from I wanted to get these boots long time ago, but just never really purchased it. I think I was waiting for them to go on sale I guess. It's been a few months since Mr. McQueen has left us. And I finally wear these sandals for the first time. It is a very mixed feeling to me. I just hope wherever he is right now, he is in peace. Your talents, your works, they will always stay in my heart. Thank you.

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