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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Joey Ma Dress Day!

Dress - Joey Ma.
Sock - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Dior Homme.
Clutch - Joey Ma X Homanz.

Dear all,

Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a very self aware person. Every time when I dress this kind of crazy style(in the eyes of most people), I always try to avoid going through places that have drunk people. I don't really afraid of many things, but I do afraid of drunk people when I dress crazy style as they always want to touch me. I really don't care how people look at me, they can have the dirtiest looks and or the most judgmental looks, as long as they don't touch me, I really don't care at all.

It's been many years since I go to Lan Kwai Fong on a Friday night. I totally aware what's going on if I dress like this and walking around there. My best friend had his birthday dinner last night and he picked an Italian restaurant in Lan Kwai Fong. I found the nearest parking spot and it's about five minutes walking distance from the restaurant. After we finished, it was not even 11pm, and the street was full of drunk people already!

As I was walking to get my car, I tried to avoid all eye contacts and just kept walking very fast. One black woman touched my sleeves and told me, "you look fabulous", I said "thank you" and of course just kept walking. Then a white guy hugged me and gave me two kisses and said, "you look amazing", his female asian friend said, "you are the best thing that I've seen all day", I smiled and of course just kept walking.

I knew the drunk people gonna touched me, but at least the people that touched me were all kind ones. Anyway, thank god I always so aware on what's going on around me, you gotta protect yourself people and always prepare for the worst scenerio.

Just when I thought 99% of the people hate my crazy style of fashion, there's always that 1% people who totally appreciate my style. I've designed some dresses for myself for the last few months, the materials are kinda thick for most dresses, so have to wait till winter time to wear them, so you guys will see me in more dresses in this coming winter haha!

我從小就是一個非常有自知之明的人, 每次穿到這種誇張的衣服,我都會是作快閃一族, 把車停在離我要到的地方最近的點,下車、快走、到達、享受、離開、快走、上車、完。

昨晚是我好朋友的生日,他選了一家在中環 蘭桂坊的意大利餐廳,最近的停車地方是大約五分鐘的走路路程。我在家想了很久,到底是要穿誇張一點,還是素一點,如果是誇張,我一定要開車,而且好想穿新訂做的裙子去參加我好朋友的生日晚餐。看到照片你也猜到我的選擇。


吃完晚餐,街上已經有很多喝醉酒的人,我有點傻眼因為十一點還不到,可能真的是好多年沒有在週末的晚上來到蘭桂坊。現在就是要走去拿車,朋友們和我一起走因為我要去載他們坐車。我一個箭步快走,高跟鞋讓我變成193cm的身高,低着頭嘗試逃避酒醉路人的目光,五分鐘的路程,大部分都是外國人,一個黑女人摸我的公主袖子對我說,"you look fabulous!",我說"thank you",但我完全沒有停下我的腳步,再來一個白男人把我抱住親了我兩下然後說,"you are amazing",他的女生朋友對我說,"you are the best thing I've seen all day",我還是繼續走沒停下來。還好他們兩位都長得好看,我就當這是一個bonus吧。



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