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Sunday, February 28, 2016

My pick on my favorite 5 bags for SS16!

Dear All,

I just shot a video with ON.CC talking about my pick of the "IT BAG" for SS16, please check out the interview on this link:

I always love Valentino! This backpack is perfect for summer time!

Saint Laurent has been one of my favorite brands for 20 years. I want to encourage people that wearing backpack doesn't mean you need to wear sporty clothes. It will look good with a suit jacket too.

Everyone is non stop talking about how Gucci has become the hottest brand at the moment! Well, from bags to clothes to accessories, Gucci right now is on FIRE! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! This bag is so unisex, both men and women could carry it!

I must say since J.W. Anderson takes over Loewe, the design has become younger and more refreshing! Look at this Loewe puzzle bag, I love it so much! The colors are so pop with the robot prints, I would never thought this bag is designed by Loewe! Loves!

Fendi has been re-branding with more fun and bold design! We've all seen the "eyes" for the last two seasons and sure proves to be one of the hottest items from Fendi. I love the clutch, so easy to carry, everyone will look great in it!

I hope you enjoy the bags that I picked.

Love always,

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