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Sunday, January 10, 2016

My best friend Emma's wedding day!

                                                                            Dear all,
My best friend Emma just get married, I want to share all the lovely photos with you guys on the wedding day!

This yellow suit is for the day time ceremony, I design the suit myself.
Suit - Joey Ma.
Shirt - Saint Laurent Paris.
Bow Tie - Saint Laurent Paris.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - Church's. 

This outfit is for the night time wedding ceremony, once again, I design the jacket. 
Jacket - Joey Ma.
Bow Tie - Dear Bell.
Shirt - Alexander McQueen.
Pants - 87MM.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Shoes - YSL. 
Also, my very dear friend Han gave me these pair of YSL boots when I was in Taiwan for new year! These boots are at least 10 years old and they are just fabulous!

I hope you guys enjoy the photos! I just want to share my happiness with you guys all the time!

Love always,

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