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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Comeback Season 2 by Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King!

Dear all,

Nine years ago, one of the best shows that I ever watched in my life, The Comeback, only lasted one season and I was very sad. (I watched The Comeback three times in 2005, 2010, and 2014). As I get older, each time when I watch the show I get a better understanding or should I say, I relate to what is going on in the world more. And guess what, nine years later, The Comeback is back! I just finished watching the first episode, and oh my, it is just brilliant! You know the joy when you thought you lost something which would never come back, yet years later, it's back and remains as good as you remembered... this is exactly how I feel right now. I AM FILL WITH JOY AND GOOSE BUMPS as Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough" is playing with the end credits.... How amazing is that! Thank you so much to Lisa Kudrow and Michael Patrick King and HBO for giving The Comeback a second chance!

I've always love Lisa Kudrow. She gets the best one liners in Friends, and after that, she created The Comeback. However, it was cancelled after just one season. Few years later, she starts doing Web Therapy which is only showing on website, and because the show is so refreshing and good, it gets picked up by Showtime, and now it's on Season 4, so Lisa has two shows going on now, I am so happy for her!

Sex and the City is one of the best shows ever created in the TV history, and it is all because of creator Michael Patrick King. Therefore, to see Michael and Lisa once again join together to write The Comeback season 2, I am just so grateful to be alive and enjoying this brilliant show.

I am sorry I got a bit too excited. At the first 10 minutes of The Comeback season 2, I thought I lost a bit interested in it, however, as it keeps going on, it gets very engaging and the same energy is back! I mean to maintain the same energy and vibe of the show nine years later, this is just super hard! They absolutely nail it!

I hope you guys will go watch season 1 first, and then comeback to watch THE COMEBACK season 2!

Love always,

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