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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Visiting Rene's students at Margrethe-Skolen in Copenhagen!

Dear all,

Last year I was on the cover of Margreth-Skolen Fashion Design Department's graduation lookbook of class 2013.

I am so happy this year I get to visit the students and their amazing works! Here are the photos that I want to share with you guys! Please take a look!

Her name is Lea Boberg. I really love the detailing of her clothes. It was very fun for me to try on her collection! As you can see, she puts a lot of time and effort to make the detailing perfectly, I wish her the very best!

Here I am with Martin Patrick Mitchell! He focus on transforming baby style clothes into adult forms! A very fun and creative collection.

Here I am with Ida van Gaever. I love her collection! She uses a lot of different materials to make her collection! The red pearl piece weights like 15lbs haha! It took both Rene and her to put the piece on me, now that's an unique experience, I had so much fun!

At last, here are Lea, me, and Rene! Of course I am wearing Rene Gurskov piece to support him and visiting his students! Their final presentation will be on next Monday, only two days left! I truly wish them all the very best! It's always inspiring to see young people creating new things! Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Love always,

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