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Friday, April 11, 2014

PENNYBLACK meets TAI CHI by Joey Ma!

Dear all,

I am so happy to be able to work with PENNYBLACK again for SS 14! This time they even let me designed the window display as well, I am so grateful! The theme of this season is "Decontextualized". At first, I couldn't really understand the meaning completely. So I researched it more and found out what it really means is to think outside the box, to remove the context of  the object and then brings a brand new meaning to it. Since I live in Hong Kong, I want to bring some Chinese elements to the window display so I suggest using the symbol of Tai Chi. I break down the Tai Chi into two pieces like the wings of a lady bug or petals of a flower that is blossoming. I also get rid of the original black and white colors and choose eight different colors to give a new image of Tai Chi. I know it may all sound very abstract but I am so happy everything turns out great!

The big Tai Chi at the back is movable! I love it! Moreover, I styled 16 outfits for the photo shoot, hope you guys will enjoy the photos!

As you can see I use the eight colors that I choose as the backdrop. And of course I did some photos with the model Angie together haha!

It is so cool using my own label Joey Ma to mix and match with PENNYBLACK clothes! I had so much fun, hope you guys enjoy my concept and styling!

Love always,

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