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Sunday, November 17, 2013

PENNYBLACK X Joey Ma's Freedom Collection! Nov 18 - 25 in Harbour City Penny Black store!

Dear all,

When PENNYBLACK approached me about this exiting project, I was very surprised. PENNYBLACK told me when they think of the word, "Freedom", my name came up right away haha! PENNYBLACK invites me to style their clothes with my accessories to create the PENNYBLACK X Joey Ma's Freedom Collection! I was having so much fun styling the clothes that I came up with 17 outfits! They will be showing in Habour City PENNYBLACK from Nov 18 to 25. Please come have a look if you have time. 

The address is: Harbour City, Gateway Arcade, Level 2, Shop No. 2206.

Here are some of the photos from the collection, hope you guys will like them!

I really like this collaboration is because PENNYBLACK has a limited edition of 4 styles of T-shirts that is based on the work of Picasso. If you know me, Picasso is my favorite artist of all time. His works and attitudes about life are just so inspiring. I wrote a paper about him when I was in college. Therefore, I am just so happy to have this opportunity to work with PENNYBLACK.

The model and I are both wearing the limited T-Shirts. Also, the coats that I am wearing are from PENNYBLACK as well.

Love always,

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