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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World's End Vivienne Westwood Cockroach Propaganda Top X pushBUTTON Plastic Shorts Day!

Cockroach Propaganda Top - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Shorts - pushBUTTON
Bag - Joey Ma X Homanz.
Shoes - World's End Vivienne Westwood.
Earring - Microwave.

Dear all,

I have something to tell you all, the World's End Vivienne Westwood pirate boots that I am wearing in the photo are the first pair of Vivienne Westwood shoes that I ever bought in my life! I got them on ebay more than 10 years ago haha! I rarely wear them at all, they are just so special to me! Also, the top, it is a special cut from Vivienne Westwood since the 70's, I am so glad I got one at World's End store in London. Please check out World's End when you are in London! 430 King's Road, London.

And guess what, my friends and I are went to take a ceramic class haha! It was so much fun! I know a lot of people may think Joey is crazy because wearing this outfit to take a ceramic class hahahaaha, but this is who I am, I just wear whatever I feel like depends on my mood when I wake up! So yes, a guy who is wearing white and a pair of plastic shorts plus a toothbrush earring to go take a ceramic class lol!

Thank you so much to Hirai for showing us around, without you, we can never had this experience! 

Love always,

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