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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Joey Ma Presents, "I:Individuality" First Solo Exhibition Opening Reception Party!

Dear all,

Thank you all so much for everything! I never thought I could have my own exhibition one day showing my oil paintings! Thank you so much to Chris, Shizue, and Ayako! Below are the photos before the opening party started!

I never told anyone that I love doing oil paintings because it is a very personal hobby of mine. One year ago, I had a chance to meet with Chris and Shizue from Petit Morpho ( , and I took the courage to tell them I actually have been painting for more than 10 years and no one knows about it. And now, here we are, a year later, I am actually having my first art exhibition! I just can't believe it! I am forever grateful about this opportunity.

I actually have a reserved personality... Therefore, it took me a lot of courage to step outside the box and tell people what my ultimate passion is. I really want to encourage everyone to step outside the comfort zone sometimes. I still don't know why I brought up the subject of me doing oil paintings during the night when I was talking with Chris and of course I am so happy that I talked to him about it! Thank you so much for having faith in my oil paintings!

At last, I want to say one thing, "if I can do it, so can you"! Remember always be a kind-hearted person, then good things will come to you! Good karma is super important! So here are the photos from the opening reception party!

My dear French/Japanese friend Yann from Wut Berlin checking out my favorite painting.

Some of my favorite people in this world, thank you so much for coming!

Gallery Sequel owner, Ayako with her charming husband! He specially changed to this sweater just for my exhibition haha!

The three people that make my dream comes true! Chris and Shizue from Petit Morpho on the left, Ayako and I on the right.

Signing the oil painting to my first customer, Evilyn, thank you so much! I can't believe she bought the most expensive one, so happy!

At last, I want to post my favorite photo of the night haha! Thanks to the Wut Berlin family! From left to right, Izumi, Kasumi, Yusuke, and Yann!

Such a wonderful night! Fully of positive energy! Thank you all so very much!

I guess turning 30yo is really just a new beginning! I am the perfect example haha, never too late to chase your dream! I heart 1983!

My exhibition will last till Sept 29th Sunday, so still a week left, please go visit Gallery Sequel if you have time. The address is, 3-9-3 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo!

Love always,

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