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Sunday, July 21, 2013

I heart glacéau vitaminwater!

Dear all,

When I was studying in the states 10 years ago, I was always drinking glacéau vitaminwater. It was because being alone in a different part of the world, I wasn't eating well, therefore, I was always drinking glacéau vitaminwater to get the vitamins that I was missing. And luckily there were so many flavours of glacéau vitaminwater to choose from, so I was always buying it from the cafeteria of my university campus.

After I moved back to Hong Kong back in 2008, I always missed the days of drinking glacéau vitaminwater, but guess what, I remember in 2009, glacéau vitaminwater finally launched in Hong Kong! And at the beginning because of the promotion, glacéau vitaminwater was given out for free. And now, four years later, it is so nice to see glacéau vitaminwater are selling in many different places in Hong Kong! I am so HAPPY!

I just find out glacéau vitaminwater has launched a facebook page with Hong Kong actor, Shawn Yue (余文樂), who is a good friend of my dear friend Matt Chow. I really enjoy looking at the facebook page because the title of this page is "Get Inspired in New York City", and there are so many nice photos of Shawn Yu exploring NYC.

glacéau vitaminwater X 余文樂 Shawn Yue:

And out of all the posts, I especially love the one when Shawn vistis MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art. I've been to that museum three times already. Picasso is my favorite artist in this world. His life and artworks have been inspiring me for so many years that I actually wrote a paper about him when I was in college. glacéau vitaminwater is always about lifestyle, and I am so glad they invited Shawn to MOMA and did some photo shoots.

Please make sure check out the facebook page.

Love always,


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