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Sunday, May 5, 2013

鄒凱光灘住吹之齋呵唔鬧 Tickets go on sale May 7th!

Dear all,

我第一次電台做訪問就是被鄒凱光邀請的。所以一直對Matt有顆感恩的心。這次是他活了四十幾年來的弟一次個人Talk Show, 我真的很替他開心。四十幾歲還有“弟一次”的機會,我覺得是一件很值得慶祝的事情。

早在幾個月前,Matt問我可不可以幫他的Talk Show做Styling, 我當然立刻答應!他選擇相信我一定有他的原因,謝謝他對我的信任。




Allow me to post the Chinese words first. The guy in the poster, his name is Matt Chow. He is the first person who ever invited me to be interviewed for a radio talk show. Ever since then, we've become good friends. I am very thankful about this because I've always enjoy what he talks about in his radio talk show. He is such a wise man and very funny too!

He is in his 40's already, and this is the first time that he has his own stand up talk show in a venue! How cool is that? I am so proud of him! And Matt asked me to do the styling for his poster shoot, music video shoot, and the actual stand up talk show, of course I said yes immediately! I am so grateful about his trusts in me!

I want him to wear KTZ for the poster shoot. We shot this about 4 months ago, and you guys know how much I love KTZ haha! I just think the gold sparkles really fit the personality of Matt because he brings so much joy to many people everyday through his radio show! And I want him to shine bright for his stand up talk show!

Here is the Youtube link from the poster shoot: 

Love always,

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