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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Daniel Palillo X Bluedy Wong!

Dear all,

First of all, sorry that if it takes you a long time to load this post because there are just so many photos! I can't decide which one not to post! I just love all of them! Please bare with me.

I am so happy for Daniel's success. And I would never imagine Roxy would do a collaboration  with Daniel, so cool!

My whole outfit is by Daniel Palillo of course, shoes and clutch by Vivienne Westwood.

Finally, special thanks to Bluedy for creating this amazing hairstyle. He creates this with only my own hair, genius! People keep asking me are those fake hair or not, the answer is NO! MY OWN HAIR ONLY! I really think a hairstyle makes a big difference on how people look. I am so grateful to have Bluedy as my hair stylist for the last 8 years.

It takes me a long time to wash my hair but you know what, no pain, no fashion hahaha. I am always willing to take all the uncomfortableness when it comes to looking good, so yeah, "No pain, no fashion!"

Love always,

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