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Thursday, April 19, 2012

ME! X JOEY MA is out! #04 Fashion Hero!

Dear all,

After the first three issues, starting on this one, I use my own clothes as the key items. And of course I am going to choose all my close designer friends hehe.

First one that I choose is Daniel Palillo. I've been shopping for Daniel's pieces for about five years now. I first found out about him while I was studying in Los Angeles, at a shop called Welcome Hunters (It's very sad that they closed down). Then I started getting his clothes from the Wunder Shop in Helsinki, Finland where Daniel is from.  After I moved back to Hong Kong, Kniq was the first store to carry Daniel Palillo. And now, I.T, Shine*, all these big select shops are carrying Daniel Palillo, I am just so happy for Daniel and so proud of him. I love the fact that he always stays true to his design. Daniel never try to follow the trend. He always design what he wants. That is very inspiring. (This always makes me think of Vivienne Westwood, she has been designing the same style for over 40 years already. She doesn't care about the trend and just follows her heart, and that is super inspiring).

I bought this sweater from Triple-Major is a very cool select shop in Beijing. The owner Ritchie used to shop Daniel Palillo back in Welcome Hunters as well. We went to the same university but I didn't know him. I am much older than him haha.

I hope you guys will like the styling and photos.

Love always,

P.S The model and I are both from Shangdong Province haha


  1. Hi Joey,

    Reali like ur fashion blog, it is very inspirational for me as a fashion designer.
    Please see my report about your fashion blog in Fashion Criminals? Fashion Beings?

    Q.L. :)

  2. Hi Joey,

    How about the shorts? Also from Daniel Palillo?



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