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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Wut Berlin's S/S 12 Collection Fashion Show!

Dear all,

I DID IT! What a relief! The show was such a great experience! Thank you so much to Yann who invited me to the show! And thank to you his amazing team of people!

There were quite a few people told me that I did a good job, but I think I just did an okay job...

Anyway, I had so much fun and the show went very well! That's the most important thing!

I am so amazed by the set design and the head pieces, truly amazing work!

And of course to all the designers who created such amazing clothes.

Finally, I want to specially thanks to my dear friends Zion and Carsten who helped me to take all these lovely photo, big hugs!

I will never forget this experience.

Love always,

1 comment:

  1. this is sooo coool... i love it!!! ive been following ur blog for a bit now and i have to say i utterly love your style!! i found ur blog when i was googleing moonspoon boots which i have too... hehe.. like minds i tell u.

    much love



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