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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joyce X Erik Madigan Heck!

I finally got the soft copy of the photo, yeah!!!

Dear All,

As you all know, I rarely post my photos with other people. Also, I rarely post photos of me in a public place haha. Well, I am just a very private person. I hope you guys can understand about that.

So about two weeks ago, I posted this, and thanks to you all, I got into the top 30, and had a chance to have a photoshoot with Eirk Madigan Heck. I love the photo so much! My outfit and my hair worked perfectly together! This is my first time to get my hair done from a professional hair stylist, and of course I go to Bluedy in Hair Culture TST After having haircut done by him for almost 8 years, this is my first time to ask him to style my hair. Bluedy is really an amazing artist. Just look at the photo closely, he styles my hair and makes it look like I am wearing a headpiece. It looks like a flower that blooms, so amazing!

Erik and his girfriend Cora are both lovely people. I like Erik's work a lot, he has done so many interesting photoshoots.

Moreover, I just want to say a big thank you to the Joyce Team. You guys really push this event hard, and most importantly, I love your brains! Thank you for being so creative. Ning, you are so right, you really have a great team of people that understand you and make your ideas come true! This is so priceless to have such an amazing team. And thank you for sending me the first photo, I was in shock when I saw it on my phone because I had no idea it would turn out that great! Many many thanks to you, Jack, and Michelle.

At last, of course I have to thank YOU who are reading this post right now! Thank you for being here and visiting my blog. It's because of you guys, therefore I could get all these amazing opportunites. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love always,


  1. WOW - the photo's are really fantastic!
    You look super great!

  2. Joyce is such an awesome store and you're a wonderful model for them! congrats~~



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