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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My article on Ketchup by Face Magazine!

Dear all,

If you are in Hong Kong, I hope you will spend 10 Hong Kong dollars to buy the latest issue of Ketchup by Face Magazine because..... I am on it haha. I am so glad they picked all the photos that I sent to them plus the one they found on my posts on Diane Pernet's blog. There are two more pages for the article, I am just waiting for them to send me the file.

The reason that I got into this article is all because of Jamie Lee. He knows the editors for the magazine and showed them my photos. I am so glad they liked the photos and that's why I am on it. Jamie is such a nice and real person and he is a very talented hair stylist. Thank you Jamie!

And to Kat and Ronnie, thank you for being so open-minded and brave to pick me for this article. I hope there are more people like you with an open heart to appreciate all different kinds of fashion styles in this world.

Love always,

P.S Two photos for you guys that didn't show on the article, hope you guys will like them.



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