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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Blog (One year old, woohoo!)

March 1st 2010 was the day I launched my blog, "Individuality".

Today is March 1st 2011, my blog is officially one year old, woohoo!!!

Time flies so quick, and I am just very grateful about all the opportunities that had been given to me for the past year, thank you all so much. I am in a very thankful and grateful mood now, and I want to say special thank you to all the ones I care the most.

God, dad, mom, sister, Zion, Emma, Brian, Momo, Ivan, Hirai, Liz, Yann, Ziad, Stefan, Jason, Lise, Misa, Tim, Sharon, Chester, Andre, Andrew, Orschel-Read, Julia, Jennifer, Emilie, Asai, Sawyer, Diane, Jamie, Daniel, Joseph, Sasa, Mike, Stavros, Rene......

I truly wish more amazing years will come.

And to the people who enjoy my blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know my style is crossing a lot of boundries for many people. Therefore, to the ones who truly appreciate my style, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU!

Love always,

P.S I totally forgot today is the one year old birthday for my blog haha, and guess what, I was looking through things at home to see if anything can kind of symbolise celebrating birthdays....and guess what....hahahahaha I have a cake in my fridge which was given to me back in January for my birthday......which I totally forgot about that.... and there are two Vivienne Westwood chocolate bars.... which were given to me back in December... of course, all of them are expired HAHAHAHA.... but hey, aren't they great for celebrating my blog's one year old birthday lol? I am just so creative hahahaha (Please don't barf lol)


  1. Joey,

    Happy Birthday to your blog! I've been stalking you for a while just never got round to comment. This seems to be a good time.
    I've pass your blog on to some friends of mine and we all love you to bits.
    It's very cheesy I know but I just wanna say - the way you express yourself boost me with courage to go and do whatever I wanna do, mostly importantly to enjoy life. *shivers*

    To many more birthdays of this blog to come, Love,

    *I cannot believe I'm the first to comment. What?!

  2. Y,

    Thank you so much! It's so nice to hear someone who enjoys my blog.

    I do notice people never really leave comments on fashion blogs, and sometimes I wonder may be no one really visits my blog, so to receive a comment from you just makes me so happy, thank you!

    You are right, let's both enjoy life to the maximum woo-hoo!


  3. I came here by way of someone linking you and watched part of the video up above (will finish when I get home, had to get back to work!) but I loved the way you talked about your style, I love the fun poses in your shots, will be back here to poke around for sure! Thank you for sharing your individuality with the world and happy birthday to your blog!

  4. I also enjoy your blog...Happy belated first birthday!!

    Here is a music video I think you might enjoy re: individuality



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