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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Colorful day again

Vintage Jacket.
Shorts - Dress 33.
Lace Top - American Apparel.
Socks - Vivienne Westwood.
Clutch - Vivienne Westwood.
Ribbon hair band - Joyrich.
Traditional Japanese Sandals.

This is the fourth day that my outfit is so colorful. I think ever since I recieved Ziad's clothings; I am just in a colorful mood for dressing up. I mean I am not really in a happy mood, but I guess I am using these colorful clothings to hide my loneliness deep down.

The jacket is made in Hong Kong. Ironically, I got it in a vintage store when I was in London. Wearing that jacket makes me think of the golden days for garment productions back in the 70s - 80s in Hong Kong. Hong Kong's economy took off around the 70's; Garment production and textile industry were a major factor for the blooming of the economy. However, as time went by, almost all the factories were closed down. The major reason for that is the rise of China. The cheap labors and the low costs made most of the owners moved their factories from Hong Kong to China. And basically, there is no more factories for garment productions anymore in Hong Kong nowadays.

So when my friends asked me, "Why would you buy a jacket that was made in Hong Kong while you are in London? It's kinda stupid. You should buy something that was made in London." Well, I will buy anything that I think it's pretty and the price is reasonable. I don't care where they from. I am sure so many people wore this jacket before I bought it. And that's why I love vintage clothings. Each piece has a unique history, however, we never knew who were the orginal owners of the piece, and to me, that's the most fun part of all.

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