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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

bzz by Davide Bazzerla

Cape Jacket - Bzz by Davide Bazzaerla.
Shorts - Raf Simons.
Shoes - Rick Owens.
Headpiece - CA4LA.

This amazing jacket finally arrived, thank you so much Yann. The designer for this amazing piece is Davide Bazzerla. It is from his bzz fall/winter 2010/11. He also just created his frist MEN collection bzz men collection spring summer/ 2011. Here are some of the pics from his collection:

I love this collection so much. I wish more designers can make clothes that will mix with masculinity and femininity. I just love unisex clothes so much. I believe in individuals. Race, sex, and sexuality are all the same to me. Just always believe in yourself and be true to yourself. That's why the title of my blog is "Individuality".

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